Strange metals: from the Hubbard model to AdS/CFT

We are delighted to announce an online workshop to be held on Zoom, 23-25 May 2022.

We aim to bring together the top experts approaching the same outstanding physical problem in two greatly different ways. The main subject will be the strange metallic behavior, as viewed from the perspective of the holographic theories and the microscopic theories based on interacting lattice models. Particular focus will be given to the direct comparison between the two general approaches. The workshop will also cover the specific realizations of the ubiquitous strange metal regime: in the cuprates and other strongly correlated materials, moire systems and cold atom simulators. The goal of the workshop is to provide a wider perspective on the theoretical work focusing on the strange metals, a better overview of the established phenomenology, and a connection of the strange metal to other phenomena in strongly correlated electronic systems.

The workshop will be public and can be joined via the following links:

Day 1 (23/05/2022)

Day 2 (24/05/2022)

Day 3 (25/05/2022)

The full program can be found here.


Two papers featured in APS Physics magazine

Two papers by J. Vučičević and R. Žitko have been published in PRL (here) and PRB (here) as Editors’ Suggestions, and are featured in APS Physics magazine (here).

The work explains recent observations in moire systems, published in Science (here) and PNAS (here).