Cold atoms
Hubbard model and holography:
the key to strange metals

A theoretical physics research project funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia. We are a 4-person team set to improve our understanding of the strange metals through systematic numerical simulation of the Hubbard model, comparison of results with quantum simulations and phenomenogical and gravitational theories.

They support us

At the Scientific Computing Laboratory, Institute of Physics Belgrade, we are harnessing the power of our computational cluster PARADOX to try and answer some fundamental quenstions in condensed matter physics. One of the central questions is that of the high-temperature superconductivity: what drives it, and how do we push its critical temperature upwards from the current best, 134 K (-139 °C)? The answer probably lies in the strange metal phase od cuprate superconductors, a peculiar state of matter where resistivity grows linearly with temperature.

We approach this problem on three fronts:

Numerical sumulations of the 2D Hubbard model and comparison with corresponding quantum simulations and experiments (led by J. Vučičević)
AdS/CFT, or gravitational, holographic theory aimed to reproduce the physics of the Hubbard model in a computationally inexpensive yet physically revealing way (led by M. Čubrović)
Study of the Mott metal-insulator transition in the fermionic and bosonic Hubbard model (led by I. Vasić)