Veljko Janković

Veljko Janković

Assistant Research Professor
PhD 2018, University of Belgrade
veljko [dot] jankovic [at] scl [dot] rs

Research interests:

  • Nonequilibrium dynamics of photoinduced electronic excitations in semiconductors and their heterostructures
  • Light-to-charge conversion in organic solar cells on a variety of time and length scales
  • Primary processes in photosynthetic solar energy conversion (excitation energy transfer and charge separation)
  • Theory of open quantum systems
  • Theory of ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopies

Selected publications:

Born: September 23, 1990 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


  • 2014-2018 PhD studies, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Physics
    Thesis advisor: Nenad Vukmirović
  • 2013-2014 MSc in Physics University of Belgrade-Faculty of Physics
    Thesis advisor: Nenad Vukmirović
  • 2009-2013 BSc in Physics University of Belgrade-Faculty of Physics

International Activities

  • Collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague
    Molecular Open Quantum Systems group (PI Dr Tomáš Mančal)
    theory and simulation of photoinduced energy transfer in natural and artificial systems
  • COST Action MP1406 “MultiscaleSolar”
    years active 2015-2019

Participation in Research Projects

  • National Project ON171017 “Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Complex Many-Particle Systems”
    participation since November 2014
  • European Commission FP7 Project “Electronic Transport in Organic Materials” (ELECTROMAT)
    participation from October 2013 to August 2015
    principal investigator: Dr Nenad Vukmirović


  • English (proficient user)
  • Italian (independent user)
  • Czech (basic user)


  • External collaborator (at the level of junior teaching assistant) at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade
  • 2019/20 Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical Branch)
    lecturer: Dr Darko Tanasković
  • 2014/15-2018/19 Quantum Statistical Physics
    lecturers: Doc. Dr Mihajlo Vanević, Prof. Dr Milan Knežević, and Dr Milica Milovanović
  • 2013/14 Theoretical Mechanics
    lecturer: Prof. Dr Sunčica Elezović-Hadžić

Scholarships and Prizes

  • 2019 Student prize of the Institute of Physics Belgrade for the best doctoral thesis defended in 2018
  • 2014 Prize “Prof. dr Ljubomir Ćirković” for the best master thesis defended at the Faculty of Physics
  • 2012 Prize “Prof. dr Đorđe Živanović” for the best third-year students of physics
  • 2013-2015 Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • 2009-2013 National Foundation for Development of Science and Art Youth


  • Member of the National High-School-Physics Competitions Committee
  • years active 2012/13, 2015/16–2017/18
  • one of the authors of theoretical problems proposed to the final-year high-school students
  • one of the leaders of the Serbian national team at The 49th International Physics Olympiad (Lisbon, Portugal, July 2018)
  • one of the leaders of the Serbian national team at The 48th International Physics Olympiad (Jogjakarta, Indonesia, July 2017)
  • one of the leaders of the Serbian national team at The 5th Romanian Master of Physics (Bucharest, Romania, February 2016)
Research papers:
Conference proceedings:
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physics
Quantum Statistical Physics, winter semester 2018/19
Lecturer: Dr Milica Milovanović
Teaching assistant: Veljko Janković
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The last appointment at exercises in Quantum Statistical Physics took place on December 24, 2018. From left to right: Živ Radisavljević, Veljko Janković, Jovan Markov, Stefan Joka, Željko Arsić, Jovana Ševo, Milica Aleksić, and Marija Šindik.